We regularly organize events aimed at growing the data science community and providing skill development opportunities to students, professionals, and academics.

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Several times a year we organize meetups in different formats, from lectures to lightning talks, each followed by an opportunity for casual discussion.


Complementary to our academic programs we also offer opportunities for professional skill development in all areas of data science in the form of one-day and multi-day workshops.

We are running a structured sequence of workshops called Modern data analysis. These workshops are, unless otherwise noted, in Slovene. Their goal is to educate an expert from another field, potentially without programming experience, in the essential data analysis topics (read more).

Workshops are organized periodically and on demand (at UL-FRI or on-site). To arrange a workshop or for more information please contact us at

We also organize free monthly workshops for professionals, students, and researchers (click for details):

Modern NLP through practical problems (Feb 1 2023) On Wednesday February 1 2023 we held a workshop titled Modern NLP through practical problems. The workshop was held by Andrej Miščič and Luka Vranješ, both graduates of our master’s program, who are now cofounders of a data science agency Valira AI, so we were very proud to see the students become the teachers! The workshop started with a theoretical introduction of the current state of the field of NLP followed by a presentation of the Hugging Face ecosystem and a fun practical part, where we covered different examples, such as named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, text summarization and code generation. The timing of this workshop was perfect with the current NLP buzz surrounding ChatGPT and it sparked some intriguing discussions!

Introduction to network science in Python (NetPy) (Dec 3 2022) It has almost became a tradition now that December brings back Introduction to network science in Python - NetPy, one of our most popular workshops. This year, however, we decided to transform it into an all-day workshop, which allowed us to go even deeper and gave our lecturer Lovro Šubelj more time to present the field of network science and answer all the interesting questions! It was nice to spend the Saturday learning new skills and also meeting new people and having interesting discussions over delicious lunch!

Scalable machine learning with Dask (Nov 30 2022) On Wednesday November 30 2022 we organized a workshop on Scalable machine learning with Dask. Our lecturer Jana Faganeli Pucer introduced the participants to this Python library for parallel computing and demonstrated its use on machine learning tasks. The workshop also consisted of a hands-on part, where the participants were able to play around with Dask using a supercomputer!

Using Databricks platform for data storage, analysis and machine learning (Sep 14 2022) On Wednesday September 14 2022 Tadej Justin from Medius held a workshop titled Using Databricks platform for data storage, analysis and machine learning. He demonstrated the use and the benefits of the Databrics platform in the ML flow and prepared a fun hands-on task for our participants, where they experienced all the steps of a ML project: from data import to model deployment.

  • From Computer Vision to Biometrics (May 18 2022). (read more)

  • Introduction to Actionable Reporting in Power BI (May 11 2022). (read more)

  • Dashboarding s paketom Shiny (Apr 13 2022). (read more)

  • Razumevanje negotovosti in statisticno razmisljanje (Mar 30 2022). (read more)

  • Predictive Modelling with Python (Mar 24 2022). (read more)

  • A/B Test Analysis with R Tidyverse (Feb 10 2022). (read more)

  • Introduction to network science in Python (NetPy) (Dec 14 2021). (read more)

  • Visualizing Analytics with Tableau (Nov 4 2021). (read more)

  • Recommender Systems with Tensorflow (May 18 2021). (read more)

  • Introduction Apache Spark (Apr 15 2021). (read more)

  • Introduction to state of the art NLP (BERT and GPT) (Mar 12 2021). (read more)

  • Open Source (FOSS) licensing & compliance workshop (Feb 25 2021). (read more)

  • Modern NLP Through Large Pretrained Language Models (Sep 29 2020). (read more)

  • Predictive Modelling with Python (Sep 23 2020). (read more)

  • Recommender Systems with Tensorflow (Sep 1 2020). (read more)

  • Intro to Containers and Kubernetes (Feb 25 2020). (read more)

  • Introduction to Tidyverse (Jan 23 2020). (read more)

  • Introduction to network analysis with Python (Dec 10 2019). (read more)

  • Introduction to Mobile Sensing with Android (Dec 4 2019). (read more)

  • Introduction to Time Series Forecasting with Python (Oct 24 2019). (read more)

  • Introduction to network analysis with Python (Sep 19 2019). (read more)

  • summeRworkshop (Jul 25 2019). (read more)

  • Applied spatial data analysis (Jun 20 2019). (read more)

  • Parallel computation on GPUs with OpenCL (May 23 2019). (read more)

  • Predictive Modelling with Python (Apr 25 2019). (read more)

  • Introduction to Text Analysis (Feb 21 2019). (read more)

  • Introduction to Programming in R (Jan 31 2019). (read more)

  • Introduction to Probabilistic Thinking and Programming with Stan (Dec 20 2018). (read more)

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