Industry Partnership

Our vision is to provide our students with a world-class data science education. This would not be possible without a strong collaboration with industry, which is key to maintaining the high standards of our data science initiative and providing a complete learning experience for our students. To this end we want to develop longer-term relationships with companies that share our vision.

Collaboration is based on an annual or multi-year sponsorship agreement. The core benefits are

  • publicity,
  • free workshops spots and advertising,
  • invited lectures to our students,
  • guidance in identifying problems that are suitable for student projects or Master’s theses and connecting companies with researchers and professionals relevant to their problem area, and
  • participation in forming the future of the DataScience@UL-FRI initiative and its educational programs.

Sponsors also have the option of sponsoring Data Science Master’s students. More substantive collaboration, such as student projects and Master’s theses, is tailored to the needs of each individual sponsor.

A list of our sponsors can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a DataScience@UL-FRI sponsor, please contact us at

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