DataScience@UL-FRI Project Competition 2021

On Sep 9 we concluded the 2021 Project competition. Unfortunately the pandemic situation forced us to organize an online final event this time. Hopefully, the 2022 event will be again held live. At this point we would again like to thank everyone who was a part of this competition in one form or another.

The competition started in Feb 2021, it ran for 7 months and saw 11 teams work on 9 different project topics motivated by problems from industry. The amount of hours poured into the projects was staggering – the combined effort of all competitors was just shy of 4000 hours. As a result all of the end results were very good. We are already looking forward to next year’s competition!

Even though all solutions were good, there were a couple that stood out from the rest. This year’s awardess are:

  • 1st Place Award: Luka Žontar, Vid Stropnik and Tim Jeršič – Predicting the influence of COVID pandemic on the advertisement industry (in collaboration with Celtra).
  • 2nd Place Award: Benjamin Džubur, Nikola Đukić and Tomaž Martinčič – Legal documents recommendation system (in collaboration with Lexpera).
  • 3rd Place Award: Boris Radovič, Dimitar Stefanov and Matej Kalc – Evaluating model tradeoffs for click prediction (in collaboration with Zemanta)
  • 4th Place Award: Matija Teršek and Maša Kljun – Analysing time series (in collaboration with Garex)
  • 5th Place Award: Timur Kulenović and Domen Vreš – Clustering web users based on mouse movements (in collaboration with Zemanta)

Congratulations to all the awardees and see you in 2022!

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