DataScience@UL-FRI Project Competition 2020 Finals

On Sep 10 we concluded the 2020 Project competition with the finalists’ presentations and a poster session. Congratulations to all the awardees and a big thank you to all students who participated and mentors from industry and FRI!

The competition that started in Feb 2020 and ran for 5 months saw 16 teams work on 10 different project topics motivated by problems from industry, putting in a combined effort of over 3000 hours. We are already looking forward to next year’s competition!


  • 1st Place Award: David Nabergoj - Topic modeling with active learning in the industry automation sector (in collaboration with Siemens).
  • 2nd Place Award: Jan Hartman - Predicting click-through rates with advanced models (in collaboration with Zemanta).
  • 3rd Place Award: Marko Rus and Bozhidar Stevanoski - Analyzing Basketball from Broadcast Video.
  • 4th Place Award: Jakob Bevc and Samo Pahor - Predicting the optimal bid in an online ad auction (in collaboration with Zemanta).

Poster session:

  • Joint Best-poster Award: Maša Kljun and Matija Teršek - Time series distance measures and clustering of smart meter device data (in collaboration with Garex).

  • Joint Best-poster Award: Andrej Miščič - Named Entity Recognition on Slovene legal documents (in collaboration with Lexpera).

  • Jan Kenda and Benjamin Džubur - Predicting the number of master designs (in collaboration with Celtra).

  • Matej Klemen - Predicting the required time for ads production (in collaboration with Celtra).

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