DataScience@UL-FRI Project Competition 2022

On Jun 21 we concluded the 2022 project competition. After a one year break, we were again able to execute the final event live! At this point we would again like to thank everyone who was a part of this competition. A special mention goes to our sponsors: Celtra, CREApro, Databox, Garex, In516ht, Garex, Siemens and Zemanta. Without our sponsors there would be no data science project competition.

The competition started in Jan 2022, it ran for 6 months and saw 14 teams work on 11 different project topics base on practical problems from our colleagues from the industry. As a result all of the end results were very good. We are already looking forward to next year’s competition!

Even though all solutions were good, there were a couple that stood out from the rest. This year’s awardess are:

  • The best undergraduate team award goes to Ivan Nikolov, Ardit Nela and Radoslav Atanasoski for their project Interpretable prediction of ad campaign complexity (Celtra).
  • The best non data science team award goes to Marko Hostnik and Gregor Kikelj for their project Supervised and unsupervised calibration of smart light sensor measurements (Garex).
  • The best non FRI team award goes to Neza Marija Slosar and Miha Likar for their project Automated customer email classification (In516ht with Zavarovalnica Triglav).
  • The overall third place award goes to Marko Ivanovski, Matej Kalc, Andraz Znidar for their project Stock optimization based on sales forecasting - EKWB (CREApro).
  • The overall second place award goes to David Ocepek, Klementina Pirc, Matej Miocic for their project A recommendation system for Siemens customers (Siemens).
  • And the overall winner award goes to Domen Mohorcic, Martin Spendl and Mark Zakelj for their project Insurance customer segmentation (In516ht with Zavarovalnica Triglav).

Congratulations to all the awardees and see you in 2023!

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